Kids For Positive Change at City Council Meeting

 Kids for Positive Change 4th, 5th and 6th grade students presented "The Last Plastic Straw Ashtabula" Campaign during the Ashtabula City Council Meeting, on Tuesday, January 16th 2018. After learning how plastic straws harm wildlife and the environment, students developed the campaign as a Kids for Positive Change "Classroom-Community Action Assignment." The students presented the Council with facts about plastic straw pollution, including the 496 plastic straws picked up off Walnut Beach during the Sept. 2017 beach cleanup, and how, as a community, we can end plastic straw pollution by skipping the plastic straw or using a biodegradable or sustainable alternative. Students shared with Council the 10 local restaurants participating in the Campaign and asked for their support, which was given, unanimously, via a Resolution, by the Council.