Kids for Positive Change AACS students meet Jane Goodall!

                                            Together We Can! Together We Will!
Ashtabula Community, Friends and Family, Join together to Support Local Students
The Ashtabula community, Friends and Family joined together to send Kids for Positive Change
students, from Ashtabula Area City Schools, to Chicago, Illinois, to participate
in Dr. Jane Goodall’s 2019 Roots and Shoots Showcase, held on March 23rd at the Hyatt
Regency Hotel.
Dr. Jane Goodall is a world- renowned primatologist, conservation crusader and founder of
The Jane Goodall Institute and Roots and Shoots Organization. Mini-Grants awarded to KPC, by
Roots and Shoots, have supported students sustainability projects.
Kids for Positive Change Students shared their Earthbench Project and Last Plastic Straw
Ashtabula Campaign with Dr. Jane, Institute and Roots and Shoots staff, fellow student
presenters and an audience of Chicago residents and VIP guests. A one hour table event allowed
students to share their sustainability projects using posters and props and a two minute oral
presentation allowed students to explain steps taken for each project. At the conclusion of their
presentation Kids for Positive Change students thanked Dr. Jane by saying,
“YOU INSPIRE US,” creating robust cheers from the audience.
After the student presentations, Dr. Jane addressed the students with these inspiring words.
“ What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of a difference you
want to make.” She shared personal stories and stories of hope for the planet. She spoke of
respecting all life, both human and animal. She concluded her address by asking students and
audience members to join her in the chant of hope, “TOGETHER WE CAN! TOGETHER WE
Camille Licate, founder of KPC, said the chant rang true for The Ashtabula Community, Family
and Friends, who put “Together We Can, Together We Will,” into action by stepping up, on
short notice, to fund the KPC/AACS trip to the Roots and Shoots Showcase in Chicago. Licate
is grateful for the generous donations and interest in KPC and AACS students. Licate would also
like to thank her fellow travelers, teachers Karen Campbell and Valerie Harchalk and parent
chaperones, Abby Watts and Alesha Ashford. Licate said, “TOGETHER WE DID!”
AACS KPC 5th grader Conner Hansel said, “It was very exciting to present to Dr. Jane and the
other Roots & Shoots Groups and really cool to see the other student projects.”
Visit the following websites for more information on KPC and The Jane Goodall Institute.

Left to Right:  Clara Harchalk, Camille Licate, Michelle Pasqualone, Dr. Jane Goodall, Malia Stills, Conner Hansel, Jaselle Krenisky

Kids for Positive Change students from Ashtabula Area City School with KPC Founder, Camille Licate

Kids for Positive Change students at their Roots & Shoots Showcase Table

AACS KPC student shows Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots Associate Director, Kamilah Martin, how to make a bottle brick for an Earth bench

Executive Director of the Jane Goodall Institute, Carlos Drews, and Associate Director of Roots & Shoots, Kamilah Martin, snap a picture with AACS KCP students